“We are driven by our interest in the wine product and feel the obligation for wineries that espouse our philosophy.”

WMC is a flexible agency created to meet the need of our clients. The primary role of the company is to connect wineries that show a strong connotation and representation of their area (terroir), giving them the opportunity to be positioned within the wine market of the United States of America with a scheme that allows introduction, correct positioning and continuity.

WMC will give fair and valuable service to wineries.

WMC, in order to give a fair and valuable service to the Wineries will guarantee to select entity that will be not compete in the same area/denomination unless the category of wines are very well distinguished due to the price position and the type of producer such as small estate or big cooperative/bottler. Therefore WMC will be open to undisclose the list of wineries that have considered and agree on the project.

WMC provides coverage of the United States market.

WMC provides direct coverage of the United States market, with a network formed by several collaborators located in the East Coast (Boston), in the Midwest (Chicago), and the West Coast (San Francisco).

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