Cantina della Vernaccia


Via Oristano, 6/A, 09170 Oristano OR, Italia

The increase in value and the consecration of the Vernaccia of Oristano in national and international field is certainly due to the Winery of Vernaccia who was born in 1953. Since then the production change from craft made, which did not allow constant quality and uniform organoleptic features, to a production where the traditional methodologies get married to vanguard techniques indispensable for new important market acquisition.

Pedoclimatic conditions characterized by soils deriving from River Tirso alluvial sediments and from mild winters and summer temperatures, favorable to the grape maturation, determine the ideal conditions for the production of a high quality Vernaccia D.o.c.

Along with Vernaccia, other important Sardinia’s indigenous grapes are Vermentino, Cannonau, Monica e Bovale, all really outstanding expression of a unique terroir.

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