Villa Braida


Via Bonisiolo 16/B 31021 Mogliano Veneto TV, Italia

The construction of the Villa dates back to the1800’s on behalf of a wealthy French family who arrived in Italy and who, with the help of Count Emilio Ferdinando Braida, settled in Mogliano, Veneto between the splendid cities of Venice and Treviso. They later had the opportunity, through the son of the Count, to renovate Villa Braida into the building we see today, a marvelous residence surrounded by green countryside and a huge park full of ancient trees.

Currently Villa Braida is owned by the Zuin family whose will is to combine the passion of hospitality with the oldest of the wine, taking inspiration from the lands that surround it. In fact, thanks to its strategic position, Villa Braida is located in the heart of the production area of Glera grapes with which the best known Prosecco Doc is produced.


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