Celestino Pecci


Loc. Viti – San Carlo, 53024 Montalcino SI, Italia, Italia


Celestino Pecci farmhouse inherits its name from the owner who, following his passion for farming despite the “project” planned for him by their parents, acquired two farmhouses and the 40 ha. piece of land. It was the 1968 when the Pecci Celestino farmhouse history begun, a history full of difficulties and sacrifices but surrounded by love and passion and with a happy ending… Celestino wasn’t left alone in his journey: the whole family was at his side, in particular his wife Idria, capable to transform each harvest and each vintage into a party.

Celestino’s family is a simple one, bound to traditions and unwilling to forget its roots; for this reasons one of the vineyards is named Maddalena, mother of Celestino, who died in 2000, but is still present in the memories of the days spent together.

Today the farmhouse is still the same, but Tiziana Pecci is at its lead, supported by the careful and proud look of her father Celestino.

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