Ruta Provincial n. 94, Vista Flores, Mendoza, Argentina

Makia as visionary project aimed at the avant-garde sector of the international winemaking scene driven by the combination of Italian skill and expertise, developed along 80 years of winemaking tradition, with the enormous potential provided by Argentinean terroir.

Malbec as a local variety has found in Argentina the ideal environment to enhance its characteristics, adapting perfectly to the terroir and becoming thus a symbol of this great country. The unique climate in Mendoza allows for the Malbec to heighten its personality, structure and best features.

Our estate is located in Uco Valley at approximately 1.150 mt. a.s.l. . This is one of the best zones of Argentina, perhaps of the world to produce high quality red wines. Exceptional sunlight and thermal amplitudes of up to 20 C. guarantee optimum grape ripeness and great structure for the wines

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