Our Philosophy

WMC will select from a pool of wineries that best represent the excellence of Italian production.

Together with all the companies, it aims to create and subsequently implement the commercial structure so that it can cover a large part of the territory of the United States (at least the most important economic-strategic countries).

The goal is to outline and develop commercial strategies in a shared manner to connect the needs of each individual Cellar. Our structure is comparable to a real “direct extension” of the Company itself, as if it were an export office in the United States. Usually the contractual relationship within which we operate is two years (24 months), thus to give the opportunity to collect all benefits and rewards of the initial work, especially for new brands or companies that are not yet available in the market in a stable manner.

After the first 12 months, the results achieved will be verified and the available opportunities with the best avenues for advancement will be evaluated together.

WMC also offers for those who did not yet have any imported product, the possibility of using an existing logistics structure.

This would bring the opportunity for importing your products into the American market, to be ready to provide any new Importers or Distributors throughout the national territory.

A determining factor is not only our great knowledge of the American market, key in terms of volume (it is in fact the world’s leading market for wine imports), but also our experience of the competitive aspect in the handling with due to the particular and varied specificity it contains.

WMC places at your discretion all of our experience and knowledge of this market, gained in several years of field work, to better face the peculiarities of this market, in three steps:

Strategic Planning: analysis of products and study of price lists adapted to the needs and characteristics of each market and definition of commercial strategies tailored to the needs of individual companies.

Commercial Support: identifying new potential customers and establishing commercial negotiations (Importers and Distributors).

Marketing Consultation: study and development of marketing plan and support material for the expansion of the Brand in the market.

Each company that will become our partner can therefore be assured of its own on- site contact person, who will deal not only with the research and opening of new customers (Importers or Distributors), but also with the management of direct commercial relationships already active, for all commercial support aimed for the consolidation and increase of sales.

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